Monday, 5 November 2012

Red Light

On the skyline an ancient castle rises above the city.
It’s parapets and towers peer down imposingly and I stare back,
wondering,  imagining
the lives of those that walked upon its cobbled streets.

Unlike those I see in front of me,
with their gadgetry and always-connected technology,
forgetful of the past as they embrace a bold future, fraught with the dangers of old.
Hatred, bigotry, jealousy and greed
walk the streets in their pinstripe suits, their armour.
Strutting painted ladies attracting suitors and glances of envy,
wander like the harlots and queens of a long forgotten time.

Everything around me,
every little thing,
reminds me of the rise and fall of civilizations,
charging to ruin,
chasing disaster at every turn,
ignoring the lessons of the past.

And yet we stumble along blindly,
as I am.
And once again my eyes rise up to the splendour on the horizon,
and I draw breath and briefly close my eyes,
just for a second.

Out of the corner of my eye I see the flickering colours change
and I bear down hard on the beast at my feet,
and focus on the road that lies in front of me.

© Fergus Martin