Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Suzie Smiled

Fourteen feet rampaging through the house
Through three tiny rooms
And a postcard garden
At the sound of her voice, as quiet as a mouse
Suzie smiled

Seven pairs of hands, each helping out
In her tiny space
No father around
And never was there a scream or a shout
Suzie smiled

Seven mouths left to fend for themselves
No one to tend to
In this quiet house
No tears to wipe and no trousers to mend
Suzie smiled

Taking on the weak and abandoned
Mother to them all
The empty little house
Echoed once more to the sound of the rampant
Suzie smiled

Sixty feet came rampaging from the seven mouths
Mixing with the new
All coming together
In a house where a mothers love knows no bounds
Suzie smiled

Sprawling tribe expanding over years and through time
Lived to love
And loved to forgive
Holding firmly to each other in life’s pantomime
Suzie smiled

Through hardship and struggles they came together
A unified front
In a divided world
Punch their weight in unison whatever the weather
Suzie smiled

Standing together again in this tiny white room
United as one
Holding each other
As she breathed her last breathe through the doom and the gloom
Suzie smiled

© Fergus Martin