Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Truth That Haunts

I journeyed a route I chose selfishly sure
Abandoning futures through the actions I took
Left behind those I once loved but returning once more
The road that I chose turned full circle through fate
And I return to the start of my life’s great detour

Starting over down another freshly mown path
Insecurities come back to haunt my every dream
Failings of the past once more sharpen into focus
The fear of betrayal rises ever closer to the surface
Nervously await the arrival of abandoned wrath

Turning my back on the carnage I created
You, the only soul that ever knew the sordid truth
The reality of my leaving and the chaos I left behind
Knowing I left to protect the lives of the innocent
Acts I committed left you torn and alienated

Returning to the scene of my shallow selfish crime
I find myself wandering through painful memories
Fate dealt out it’s criminally twisted hand
A moment I had never perceived way back then
Being here again, is like going back in time

A dark secret to your chest you hold so close
Awaiting the day you can lay the victims table
Setting out the cellars of insecurity and failing
Of a simple and once deceitful twisted wretch
Await the moment for the truth to be exposed

Avoiding you becomes tougher with every passing day
Ever decreasing circles we swim in intertwine
The crossroads of two paths must come together soon
Colliding in the carnage of those forgotten memories
And I stare in trepidation at the moment in disarray

© Fergus Martin