Saturday, 10 November 2012

One Thing I Should Have Said

All the things I meant to say
But regret I never did
Haunt me each and every day
And they always will
All the hours you spent with me
I see and know now why
All the love you gave to me
Tears for you I cry
All the tears you shed for me
I could and did not know
How much my life it meant to you
You helped me grow
How you hid the pain I caused
Trying to be strong
Mistakes I made you overlooked
Knowing I was wrong
Your constant smile through pain
Your eyes they did not tell
Of how my actions hurt you
On them you would not dwell
How you smiled when I did good
A sight I oft recall
Remembering the better times
Makes me feel so small
And how I miss that smile today
As I tread a better road
A journey I must travel now
Without your hand to hold
And so each day I say to you
With all my heart and soul
I miss you mum, I love you
Your love has made me whole.

© Fergus Martin