Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dark Feast

Shadow in the night glides effortlessly
Through deserted fog laden streets
Silently drifting over cobblestones
Searching the bodies so frail and so weak

From boats in the harbour came the vengeance
Down alleys rutted rock hard in the ice
Past shuttered windows, barred and secured
Seeking the souls to be forfeit this night

Spreading the message of fear and foreboding
Sliding through doorways silent and sure
Ripping apart the lives of the chosen
Craving the death of the weak and the poor

Infested hovels of hell ripe for the taking
Squalor and filth abound in the structures
Crammed into shells of miserable living
Carrion creatures perch waiting in gutters

Rampaging torrent of pestilent storm
Devouring with pleasure taking life as it pleased
Festering pits of disease ridden corpses
Black raven of death swept the city with ease

© Fergus Martin