Sunday, 11 November 2012


As row by row red flowers parade
The flowers I see are only for you
As they pass by in uniformed spectacle,
My love for you will forever shine through
And as old soldiers stand proudly in the rain
Memories of you will always be true

Heads bow to the few and the fallen
And I recall our own halcyon days
While they remember bold sacrifices made
Memories surge of the smile on your face
And as faces stream with rivers of tears
I smile at the thought of your glittering grace

And as the fateful hour approaches
I often wonder to where time flies
Young warriors and old mourn fallen heroes
As I remember your once shining eyes
Comrades in arms together again for a moment
And I think of the love you could not disguise

Soldiers and survivors mourn as one
As mother I mourn once more for you
They will not forget, they will remember them
As mother I will always remember you
As floral crowns are laid carefully to rest
On this day mother, we laid rest to you

© Fergus Martin