Sunday, 18 November 2012

Brothers and Lovers

How do I make you understand the way I feel,
the way I love the many lovers that I call my own.
Do not judge me on my morality, the legality,
but judge me on the person that I am. 
Do I love? 
Do I care?
Do I express my feelings to others? 
Is this what you do not understand,
cannot comprehend, cannot appreciate? 
That in your terms, I am a bigamist, a polygamist, a cheat, unnatural, a deceiver.
I am none of these things,
I merely live my life differently to you.
I have a different sensual perception than you,
I have different views on what love is,
how love can be shared, who we can love,
how many people I can love, be in love with
and in what way I show my love.

Is this not the beauty of the world? 
It’s ever growing maturity,
it’s increasing acceptance of others, 
it’s understanding,
it’s multi-cultural acceptance? 
Then why do you remain stuck  in the stagnant pond of the behemoth of monogamy and ridicule. 
Why can you not accept me for the person that stands before you? 
Why does your
self-centered righteousness stand in the way of you seeing the person. 
Your intransigent beliefs deny you the brotherhood.
And all I crave from you is understanding.

I accept your failings.
I accept your misconceptions about my way of life.
Why, oh why can you not accept a person for what they are,
but judge their every action based on your own
monogomistic cultural indoctrination.

Why do you believe I am so different from you? 
We differ only in this one little thing, little brother.

© Fergus Martin