Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Four A.M.

The daily routine
Revolves around one precious moment
That single fleeting opportunity in a mundane life
Which eased the never ending torment

A working week
Filled with hope in some far flung lands
Far too long have we travelled this highway
Two journeys split by the festering world’s demands

Fridays nights
Welcomed with unrecognisable sobriety
Best behavior guaranteed for this single opportunity
Of hope, peace comfort and clarity

Four A.M.
Clock ticking ever closer to the hour
That your voice will be ringing in my ear
And I will once again succumb to your power

Four A.M.
The weekly ritual
Awake for this moment
Time to make the call

Four A.M.
The hour that will be remembered for a lifetime
The hour that forever stopped the endless separation
The hour that you finally become mine.

© Fergus Martin