Saturday, 17 November 2012

Life Mates

When I look into your eyes
I see the soul mate of my life
Partner to my heart
We are never far apart
And the twinkle in your eye
Mirrors mine

And that smile upon your face
Welcomes me to a better place
Partner to my soul
Together we are whole
The tension in your lips
Echoes mine

You share your darkest thoughts
We as one share moments fraught
Partner of my life
By each other’s side
As tears roll down your cheek
So do mine

From the time I first set eyes
Upon the glory of your prize
Partner on the trail
Lives together could not fail
Brows furrowed running deep
Mirror mine

Lost destinations on the road
Lost opportunities unfold
Partner me forever?
Let us be together?
Forever mine?

And as I sit across from you
I know you feel the way I do
Partners we cannot be
Remaining true and free
Souls intertwined

© Fergus Martin