Monday, 23 December 2013

A Christmas Tale

On a cold winters night
With green glistening white
Dreams awake in their heads
Of a man on his sled

Dark shadows in the night
Moving swiftly out of sight
Quick footsteps in the halls
Light as a snowflake falls

Silent whispers in the night
Warm wishes wrapped up tight
The secrets that they keep
Come alive whilst they sleep

In the quiet of the night
Before the sun shines bright
Pause before the dawn rises
As they dream of surprises

On a cold winters morn
As the wrapping is torn
Childlike eyes light with glee
Underneath the sparkling tree

At the breaking of dawn
They know their job is done
And they smile to themselves
Once again becoming elves

When this day is complete
No more secrets they will keep
No more presents they will hide
Return to normal with great pride

© Fergus Martin