Friday, 22 August 2014

The Questions Will Come One Day

She wept as she kissed him goodbye,
brushing her hand across his forehead one last time,
knowing that she will never be his heroine,
never again hold him,
cherish him,
love him.

Her heart lay carved open on the floor,
ripped apart by the depth of her love,
glancing back she watched as he breathed,
seeing her lifetime flash before her,
in that moment she knew she was right,
this was his only hope for salvation,
his only chance of dreams,
without her he would flourish,
without her he would live.

Turning away she slipped quietly from the room,
tears falling from eyes coloured red with the pain,
the suffering she had gone through,
to reach this point,
this decision,
this time.

She would never again see the laughter in his eyes,
his future was not now hers to share,
her past would be one she could never regret,
never wallow in the dreams of what may have been,
tied to sentimentality,
this was right,
this was what had to be done..

Soon he would forget the smell of her skin,
the bond that had tied them together,
the pain that she had suffered for him,
she would slip quietly into his past,
and he would never remember,
she would never forget,
and one day she hoped,
one day, she prayed,
he may seek her out,
seeking answers to questions not yet sentient,
one day she knew the child she left would become a man.
And she would be ready to love him again.

© Fergus Martin
Aug 2014