Thursday, 4 July 2013

Discordant Thoughts


War rages unabated
Skirmishes turn to all-out war
Flashpoint bubble under the surface
Explode into the consciousness'
In this world, there is no peace
In this world, there is no respite
No calm amid the storm
The never ending struggle for dominance
Permeates every waking moment
Darkness drowns the light of this world
Smothering it in a cloak of sorrow
Where only flashes of hope flicker
Dimly flickering on the battlefield
Where the corpse of hope lies unattended
Weak, but not forgotten
Broken, but not subdued
Still, but never silent


The endless rhythm churns away
The metronome keeps its beat
Never changing always steady
The to and fro continues
In the quiet of the night
Endlessly changing sides
The pro's and the cons
The good and the evil
Constantly battling for control
Ideas race and stagger
Thoughts fall to barren waste
Sparks fly inside the torment
And crash on golden ponds
Which burst their banks and flood
In torrents over the silence
And the roar of insanity is deafening
Drowning out the cries of peace


Which side will win this war?

© Fergus Martin

July 2013