Saturday, 20 July 2013

Fishers And Friends

Sweat pouring from their sun-kissed brows
Ale fuelled patrons quench their thirst
Offshore workers welcome onshore reprieve
The pen rises again with a sigh of relief

Bronzed skin and foreign tongues abound
Smothering the streets with temporary wealth
Filling the air with the pounding of feet
Words fall on parchment to their rhythm and beat

Sun soaked fishermen sail their ships of dreams
Tell tales of catches so large they engulf the town
Small harbour town lives for life in the tales
Pen flows freely through the storms and gales

Basking in the grounds of the long ruined keep
Marvelling as white horses crash to the shore
Travellers passing through soak up the history
Words tumble from the pen telling their story

Merging as one in the alehouse by the sea
Stories are swapped of life and of living
Tales of bygone days and current travels
One mind muses as the plot unravels
Convergence of old blood and new continues
Night passes as new friendships are born
Knowing as they part they may never meet again
Words fall no more, the pen lies quiet again

© Fergus Martin

July 2013