Monday, 8 July 2013

Coffee for Three

Her thoughts lie heavily on her shoulders
And she sits there, head in hand, pondering
Thoughts of the world flicker in her mind
And she raises her head, wondering.
Does she contemplate the simple life she leads?
Does she worry about the greater good?
Is she lost in distant thought of better times?
Or is she pensive, thinking of her now flown brood?

The companion sits lost to this world
Absorbed in the screen of a virtual reality
Not noticing the furrowed brow across the table
Focussed on the bleating streams of inane banality
Does she give a thought to her strained companion?
Does she contemplate the woes she grieves?
Is she so obsessed with her own importance?
Or is she just blind to the hole she leaves?

Together they sit with their steaming mugs
She raised her head once more and begins to speak
The companion replies and sweet engagement has begun
Over doughnuts and coffee at the end of the week
As they dissect their week, the furrows are lifted
Making plans for the weekend, smiles are exchanged
As their worlds intertwine, the observer takes note
Each gesture and movement, their secrets contained

Sisters, or lovers, the observer surmises
Noting their actions, the thoughts roam unbridled
Coffee companions whose whispers are silent
Their thoughts mere suggestions of a mind uninvited
Their story is told through the thoughts of another
Observers conjecture lays their lives in full view
Descriptive suggestions forge an image of vibrance
As they sit with their coffee, the companions, and you.

© Fergus Martin

July 2013