Friday, 4 July 2014

Taking The Dark Road

The box that held your dreams lay open
A void in the future you cannot hope to realise
Empty is the solitude that sparkles in your eyes
The path you hoped to take is now blocked

Sweet whispering torments a shallow soul
Voices calling out for long-lost freedom
Shackled by your dreams they are not heard
Tortured by the bitter heart you follow

As moonlight dances on the darkened pool
The burden that you carry pulls you under
Reflecting on the innocence of fantasy
You sit in quiet contemplation of the past

Staring at the future as your present passes
Fate swings its fearful axe upon your destiny
Shackled to your dreams you've lost the way
Lost in the chaotic carnage of your dreams

The path that you must follow opens wide
Reaching out its sympathetic tendrils
The wanderlust of romance now forsaken
You step inside the realm of poisoned souls

At once alive but dead in all but being
No more the fool that's painted gaudy bright
Cloaked in darkness now you stalk the night
Your nightmares demon comes to sweet fruition

© Fergus Martin

July 2014