Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Short Story

"Write!" they said
"Write?" I said
"Right" they said

You know my grammar aint that bad
I know some stories, some quite sad
Put pen to paper what would I write
Of men and mice? Of weak and might?
Perhaps I'll write about my day
And in a sentence save the day
Punctuation sits in this place
A comma here not blank space
The tales I'll tell within this ryhme
They all begin once upon a time
I remember once I had a dream
On tramadol, t'was tangerine
Crazy tales that spin and spiral
Words of wisdom becoming viral
Written now upon the page
Look out of place without inner rage
And so to write they tale they wanted
The hero charges fear undaunted
The heather burns, the words not perfect
Something's wrong, what's been neglected
Colloquial is what it should be
A web is woven t'ween you and me
A thousand words were in my head
Until the wife said go to bed
And in the morning they were gone
Stories left untold lie forlorn

© Fergus Martin

Apr 2014