Sunday, 13 April 2014

Half Past Awake

Caught in the gap between reality and nightmares
Seconds feel like hours stranded in a single moment
Clocks tick slowly as the mind accelerates in fury
Thoughts drifting on the tides of a never-ending swell
Nocturnal sounds become a cacophony of violence
Every heartbeat echoes in the chambers of your silence
The clock hands moves another minute in an hour
As the mind drifts quietly into the darkness of the night
Caught in the shadow world between truth and fiction
Sounds flow into the distance and slowly disappear
Visions of the mind become clearer in the dark
Finally the body overcomes its weary state
But in those moments just before the dawn of sleep
A mind has coalesced into thoughts now unexplained
As the veil is drawn once more upon another day
The silence that was deafening now slips quietly away.

© Fergus Martin

Apr 2014