Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Alba Gu Brath

Cooling gently
the coffee sits patiently,
waiting to be supped.
The twin handled cup
shines in the sunlight,
dancing on the table.
Another cafe,
in another place.
Another day
in another world,
thinking only of you.

Over all these miles
my thoughts turn to you,
and the reason we are apart.
The coffee in the cup
reminds of the moments
we share when united.
Frothing on the surface
the quiet mountains of home
stare at me from the cup,
enticing me once more.
To think of you always.

Perched on the edge
the cocoa filled surprise
awaits it's reckoning,
full of welcoming sweetness.
The flavours dance
lightly on my tongue
and the memories explode.
I close my eyes
and I can taste your beauty.
Sitting in this other world.
I think of you.

The cacophony of sound
encircling this street cafe
deafens the sound of my thoughts
As I sit and remember
the sweetness of the song
you sing whenever I see you.
Smiling in the sunlight,
grinning inwardly with joy,
looking like a fool at play,
the others stare in silence.
As my thoughts turn to you.

Soon this day will end,
soon the journey home begins.
Soon I will be with you again,
and I will cherish every moment,
every second.
I reach for the coffee
and the mountains of home stare back
the valleys rise in the frothed ridges
your beauty reflected in a cup,
anchoring me in this world.
Bonding me, with you, forever.

© Fergus Martin

May 2014