Monday, 31 March 2014

The Stag

Monarch of the Glen, his name is legend
The mountain reaches his domain
Sweeping valleys echo to his roar
Majestic he stands, patient and still
His Royal crown reaching into the light
A mountain of immovable muscle
Silhouetted proud against the frosted peaks
He stalks the broken paths of nature's trails

I step to the left
He steps to the right
Each sinew reacting
To my every action
I step to the right
He edges to the left
His eyes homing in
As I try to move on

Immobilised, my life frozen in that moment
Held in stasis as the world moves forward
Barriers rise at every turn of the dusty road
Like great dams holding back the rivers run
Progress halted by the beast that stands firm
Everyday existence stilted by his very presence
Held in check as he moves his pieces on the board
Mountain king stands before me and waits

In this game of life he blocks my every move
Held in check within his thorny crown of bone
The board is static as the avenues are sealed
Escape routes closed in chequered boulevards
My royal nemesis awaits me at the crossroads
His route of choice is the path he tries to force
Standing firm before him now I will not break
And so the never-ending impasse carries on

With every waking hour
He stands before me
The Monarch of the Glen
The Ruler of my fate
Guardian of my dreams
He fills my nightmares
He's the essence of my life
I am the Stag

© Fergus Martin

Mar 2013