Thursday, 26 July 2012

Home Is Where The Heart Is

In the wind and the rain
I think of you still
Of the fire and the flame
And the winter chill
Your beauty outstanding
Power in the veins
Your pull so demanding
My heart it remains

I think of you always
Your songs in my soul
Give strength to my days
Keeping me whole
And I think of you dearly
Across well-travelled miles
I see you vivid and clearly
Your charm and your guiles

Drawn home to your glory
I’ll fall down on my knees
And in telling your story
Aching hearts you will ease
Caressing them gently
Rekindling the spark
Empowering them greatly
Once more leave your mark

My heart becomes heavy
As I leave you once more
But I remain ever ready
To return to your door
Your magnificence draws
My heart ever pounding
My breath does not pause
The memories resounding

Red rampant in barley
The Lion stands tall
Proud people and hardy
Jock’s bairns one and all
My heart remains true
To the pearl in the north sky
White cross on the blue
For Alba I’ll die

© F Martin