Monday, 30 July 2012


Melting in the landscape
Vanishing without trace
Forgotten and invisible
A soul without a face

No comfort in the shadows
Dignity stripped bare
No welcome for the warrior
In a land which does not care

Sacrificial dog of war
Once wanted now abused
Cast off he roams unfettered
Alone he sits confused

The lines he crossed at risk
Whilst others watch with glee
The shilling he once pocketed
Remains a paupers fee

Companions now are gone
Forgotten but by few
His life as theirs was forfeit
The bonds of kin were true

Shunned by those above
Unwelcome in the streets
Bitterness surrounds him
In every lie he meets

Wandering in the wilds
A life now unprotected
Hope and future fading
Hailed but now rejected

© F Martin