Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ayrshire Lass

Sitting silently in western mist
Waves lap upon her toes
As she sits in quiet solitude
With everything she knows
Welcomes all who pass her
And sees them drift away
She’ll see them in another life
Upon another day
The hearts she’s buried into
The eyes so captivated
Strong and silent as the night
Matured but never dated
Young in heart and old as time
Lovers come and gone
Watched history repeat itself
And never moving on
Winter’s storms beats hard
Cold chills her naked breast
Battens down against the gale
In the maelstrom she will rest
Squalls damp her sodden winter cloak
Flowing in fierce tide
Returns afresh and hope renewed
Gathers breath as winds subside
Now she waits in summer sun
Admirers they now flock
To sit upon her quilted skirt
Kneeling they take stock
Of beauty standing tall and proud
Rough waters now serene
She’ll mesmerise the multitude
Remaining ever seen

© Fergus Martin