Saturday, 12 October 2013

Around The Campfire

Dominique listened intently
as mother described their world.
The blue hues of the shining seas,
the golden ears of corn bouncing in the breeze,
the delicate wind that rustled through forests of green
and the calming ripples of gentle streams.

Chantal listened intently
as mother revelled in its beauty.
High mountain ranges topped in snow,
long sweeping valleys cutting the landscape,
wide open rivers edged in a patchwork of pastures
and gentle rains falling on the cheeks of barefoot children.

Pasqual listened intently
as father described the ways of his world.
Great factories toiling in sprawling cities,
small town shops with gaily decorated windows,
manicured lawns tended by gardeners with pride,
and village greens where they gathered for summer fairs.

Frederic listened intently
as father marvelled at its invention.
Great metal machines that roamed from town to town,
on tracks of steel laid down by battalions of men,
black highways carving out routes through the land.
and sparks that spanned the skyline on pylons of power.

The children listened intently
as parent told tales of the past, of a time long ago.
As they gazed at their wilderness of sand and ruin,
they wept tears for the land that time had forgotten,
and they as one asked the question "What happened?"
"Man" said the parents, as the tears flowed once more.

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013