Friday, 18 October 2013

Leap of Faith

The moment you'll never forget,
trepidation fills your every pore,
that long slow climb to this decision point.
From here, life will never be the same.
On the edge of reason you reach into nothingness
and embrace the adventure of the next precarious step.
Every emotion rolls into this moment
Decisions of the past pale into insignificance
This next step will be into the unknown
A journey never anticipated before
The noose that has been unfurled,
releases you into the future
dropping you into a world of adrenaline
and in this moment you feast,
gorging yourself on the freedom,
the wind that now flows freely around you,
the open highway you now travel,
free from the constraints of society,
and as you reach out to embrace the river of contentment,
you smile within.
And you know the leap of faith was true.

© Fergus Martin
Oct 2013