Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mirror To The Past

Every day I'm alive, I'm reminded of you
In every passing moment you are with me still
As each day unfolds the memories are awakened
The touching of nerves that have slept for so long
When I look in the mirror, my thoughts turn to you
Each furrowed brow another path to the past
The pallowed reflections echo your silence
And my thoughts turn beleaguered to you once again

Every breathe that I take is a breathe without you
The air that I breathe once was shared without thought
As we walked hand in hand upon beaches of gold
And sauntered through puddles laid down by the storm
The warmth of your touch kept me safe long ago
But now you are gone my fears are awakened
I long for the days when you held me so tight
As I stare at the eyes that gazed into yours

Long gone are the days that we spent together
As I sit here alone and gaze at my past
Through the mirror I see all the hope that was nurtured
As it echoes the past in the light of the present
I give thanks for the time that we spent together
But moving along I travel life on my own
You'll always be there tucked away in my thoughts
You guide me now on the path travelled alone

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2013