Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Retracing The Path

Drifting slowly on the wings of love
Gliding into guiltless free exuberance
Strolling through avenues of tender delight
Canyons of the heart engulfed in joyous rapture

Coiffured borders lined the edges of our lives
Sparkling trim to our picketed world
Petals in the wind settled on our souls
Bonding together in the soil of deep serenity

Through the brightness we danced and we dallied
Our lives meandered intertwining in the shadows
Of the cloistered corridors of youthful wandering
Archways overhead formed shallow shelters

Merry jigs we weaved as we spun tales unwittingly
Reeling with the waltzes, tripping lightly on the edge
Pirouettes of confusion scattered rosebuds on the floor
And the petals on the breeze lay dead and ashen by the door

Betrayal bites deep
Burning to the molten core
Trust lies broken
Floundering in the shallows
Love frozen in limbo
Awaiting resurrection

Betrayal rots the souls
Decaying the roots of love
Faith abused unceremoniously
Left at the way-station of hope
Lying silent in the wings
Seeking only redemption

Dance once again but nervously
Steps softly taken, words eerily whispered
But the echoes of the past
Remain undiminished
Screaming through the masques
Shading truths deniable to none

The pervasive stench of bitter pain
Fills the void 'twixt past and future
Standing at the median point
Balanced on precious scales of life's decision
You scream at the craven familiar
Will it always be this way
The torment,
The pain
The endless taunting of distrust
Will the suspicion ever fade?

© Fergus Martin
Nov 2013