Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Through The Stars

My previous post consisted of work that Miriam Dunn had added to this, the original piece:

Drifting and weaving
through the swirling constellation
of stars forever plunging
out of the dark still silence.
The only sound
the steady throbbing
of the heart of the beast
as she slides forever forward.
Slowly, surely, steadily
picking a path through
the myriad of mayhem
seeking out the final destination.
The last port of call
in a journey through
the open spaces of the
empty, quiet, still void.
And the beast pushes on
through the bitter silence
of stars colliding in harmony
before my eyes.
Stars part and in the
emptiness crisp shapes form,
slowly silhouetting against
the backdrop of daybreak.

© Fergus Martin