Saturday, 8 December 2012

Wee Archie

Soaked to the skin
Wi a cheeky wee grin
Got his maw in a muddle
Knee deep in thon puddle
Splish sploshing in wellies
Right up tae his belly
King O’ The Mire
Lord O’ His Shire
A wee hooligan
Dis a’ that he can
Tae drive his da daft
But the big man just laughs
Wi Eck and the dugs
Barney cuddled up snug
That cheeky wee lad
Who’s no a’ that bad
Big brothers he’ll taunt
Wi a happy wee jaunt
Mind, go hide thon biscuit
Afore the wee man he nicks it
Jist a word tae the wise
Afore  thae cheeky wee eyes
Melts a’ tae the core
Wi a heart gold and pure
His maw’s pride and joy
Da’s gallous wee boy
Archie Holligan young fella
A stoatin wee belter.

© Fergus Martin