Thursday, 20 December 2012

Seasons Dreams

Summer came and I played
Running through the streets
And terrorising neighbours
Not a care to be had
Thinking only of the now
And the moment
The precious moment
Of enjoyment
And happiness
Skinned knees and bruises
Trees to climb
Oh the trees, tall
Proud and invincible
There to be conquered
As each and every day
Challenging my recklessness

Spring arrived play became serious
The competitive edge arrived
And I scrapped for every victory
Every ounce of my body
Strived for success
And my mind
Emboldened by knowledge
Looked to the years ahead
The bright future
Steeled by the skill within me
Enlightened by my never-ending
Thirst for wisdom
And the fortunes that awaited me
As I conquered
Each and every challenge
Blocking my path to glory

Autumn turned the leaves of life
To shades unrecognisable before
Bright hues of distant memories
Dimmed to harsh realities
Glory days look far away
And never to be reached
As I face the silent slumber
Of an enemy that strikes at will
From nowhere comes the
Unrelenting force
That knocked me to my knees
And took away my dreams
Shattering my waking hours
Vanquishing my every move
As each and every day
My eyelids droop unwillingly

As winter falls upon me
Dreams I had for glory
Replaced by dreams uncalled for
My fortunes lost to weariness
As every day becomes
A battle to stay alert
Awake to cast off shadows
That haunt my every move
Steal my cherished moments
As minutes turn to hours
Drifting to the silence of sleep
Losing out on life’s adventure
Looking back in moments few
Of the dreams that I once had
As each and every day
This slumber strikes me down

© Fergus Martin