Saturday, 29 December 2012


Dark as night the depths within
The surface beckons
Pulling at the soul of sin
The hangman reckons

Reckoning the hand of fate
The noose it tightens
Knotted yarn begins to grate
Grip he lightens

Lightening unseeing eyes
The vision clears
Silver dazzles moonlit skies
And river’s tears

Tearfully reflecting joy
And new tomorrows
Hangman’s noose forgotten toy
Forgetting sorrows

Sorrow passes without pause
Travelling southward
To overcome becomes the cause
Whilst moving forward

Forward dashes hope renewed
Fresh perspectives
Clarity of thought imbued
With new directives

Directed efforts channelled on
To greater heights
Breaking from the past that’s gone
And darkened nights

Nightly dreams forge the path
A new solution
Escaping now internal wrath
To Resolution

© Fergus Martin