Monday, 26 May 2014

Symphony For A Stranger

Dappled moonlight spreads its wings upon the beach
Casting shadows on the dunes of golden brown
Logs crackle in the darkness of sweet midsummer's night
Fingers dancing with abandon as they reach up to the sky
Warm summer breeze caresses the shimmering waves
As prancing ponies weave their path gently to the shoreline
The kiss of sunlight brushes briefly across my face
It's warm breath soothing the skin and calming the soul

A multitude of camp-fires
Sing out loud and strong
Songs that mingle in the firelight
Songs of life and love forlorn
Songs of happiness and joy
And the summer's waking call

This scene of stunning beauty stretches out before my eyes
Rhythmic bodies twist in time with the motion of the stars
Friends new and old rejoice in the welcome they have found
Families and friends gathered on the rippling water's edge
Birds singing in time with the rhythm of their music
Seaweed and sea-spray and charcoal permeates the air
I recognise the face of perfection reflected in the flames
A momentary glance drifting slowly through the crowd

In this company of these strangers
I stand alone amidst the throng
Sands of time slip slowly out to sea
Washed away with morning sunrise
I know she saw not me

© Fergus Martin

May 2014