Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Birds fell quiet in the woods
Cold night fell across the valley
Darkness dripped it's naked warning
The time to feast had come to be
Lips were licked in sweet anticipation
Fingers cracking shattering the night
Tongues were sharpened to a razors edge
Power surged through the veins of bitterness
The hunt was on and the night had just begun

Flickering light filled the room
Shadows danced upon the walls
Watching for the one that would fall
The time to twist the knife was close
Smiles widened as the hunt took shape
Unknowing victim of the blood lust taking shape
Evil incarnate strides the waves upon his search
Unsheathes his weapons as he stalks the night
The hunt had just began, the hunt was now

Tapping fingers move and sway
Into the night he drives his knife
Cutting deep into the mortal soul of man
Another victim falls to the evil of the troll
The nightime world is his domain
The shadows of the night is the time that he attacks
When brains are addled in the darkness of the world
Confusion reigns and he strikes with bitter tongue
In this hunt he allows no rescue from his evil

Another world inside this world
His domain is the life of silent stalking
The unsuspecting recipient his evil prey
As his words bite through the outer skin
He plunges deeper into the quagmire of the soul
His poisoned chalice in the softly chosen words
Troll gathers up his victims of the night
Toothless grin belies his bitter heart of evil
Another virtual victim has been hunted to its end.

© Fergus Martin

May 2014