Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Ode to Life

Waves of desperation lap the shores
Rolling tides of thunder drown the silence
Dancing horses gallop in the shallows
Swirling depths reveal the hidden truth
Twenty years of pain ride out the storm

The dawn reveals its purpose for the day
Mist covers up the tracks of its confusion
Light breaks down the doors to hallowed halls
Opens up the shadows to the truth
Twenty years of love each day reborn

Forest branches swing in gay abandon
Encroaching down upon the paths within
Dark roads survive under the shining light
Reveal the journey taken to the truth
Twenty years of hurt that bind anew

Valleys green with envy wake renewed
Sustenance of man buds in its beginnings
Bursting forth with life in furrowed fields
Shoots dazzle in the sun point to the truth
Twenty years of joy since finding you

© Fergus Martin

May 2014