Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Heavy Horse

The mist creeps over the waking canal
The splash of ripples echo on the bank
Shadowy figures emerge into the daylight
Slow clapping of metal on stone wakes the day

Dampness of the dew lies light upon the soil
Unturned the pasture lies fallow in the dawn
Ploughman's lunch lies untouched within its bag
Rhythmic stride cuts new furrows in the field

Coal dust sprinkles the choking air of the pit
Tunnels echo to the beat of the hammers fall
Blackened faces load their bounty on the cart
Thudding hooves bring black gold to the light

Smell of death permeates the morning sky
Valleys crackle to the sound of clashing steel
Foot soldiers stand and watch in fear and awe
As mounted warriors charge upon their ranks

Bullets sing their song of silence in the air
Symphony of death that echoes cross the land
Man rides his beast into the blanket of destruction
The clatter of the armour charging once again

A legacy in history that rises every day
Partnership that's grown through the time of man
Simple bonds of friendship conquering their dreams
The heavy horse looks out upon another dawn

© Fergus Martin

May 2014