Friday, 11 January 2013

Dearest “Friend”

How could I be so stupid? 
How could I be so blind?
How was it that I could not see how wonderfully intelligent
you have become in such a short time.
The vast intellect that you possess and display on a daily basis both
and amazes me.
I am in awe at the keen incisiveness of your mind
and the overpowering intellect that you possess.
Your viewpoint on the world today are insightful
and delightful.

You sir,  are truly an overwhelming force of nature and
my experiences pale
to nothing beside yours to such an extent that I begin to doubt my own worth.
Every word that you utter is heard by oh so many and even
the dumbest person on this planet
learns something from you on a daily basis.
I would be amazed if they did not such is the power of your words
that you have surely become a god amongst men as your
originality and perception become the norm
and is repeated and shared amongst your

All my experiences, all my learning has all been for nothing
as it becomes clear that you were
born naturally far more gifted than any other person on this planet
The power of your brain enthrals me on a daily basis,
the incisiveness of your wit delights me and I am left
by my sheer lack of cognisance in all matters.

It amazes me that all those employers as you rightly say
fail to see the greatness in you, proving once more
that this planet is yours and yours alone.
They are wrong, and I remain utterly convinced that one
of the thousands of applications you send on a daily basis
will eventually bear fruit as I am sure you will
find employment within a like-minded world
as it eventually falls into line with your vision of correctness.

My own imperfections and ineptitude in all matters forces me to make a
heartfelt choice since I am no longer worthy of being in your company,
nor you in mine
I wish you luck.

A former follower

© Fergus Martin