Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Elemental Warriors

Erect upon the skyline
Towers over all below
His arms lie still and calm
Watching as the rivers flow
Long carpet spreads before him
Patchwork quilts of gold and green
Sparkling in the moistened dawn
No movement to be seen
His brothers mill around him
Gaze out upon the scene
Wait with shining blades secured
Polished, glistening, serene
As morning breath approaches
To the west their heads now turn
Watching as the fury mounts
They will not flee, they will not run
And as the storm surrounds them
Blades flash and energise
Twisting with each passing thrust
The toil of clansmen pacifies
Elemental battle over
Becalmed they stand at peace
And as they do on every day
Await the coming breeze

© Fergus Martin