Sunday, 25 November 2012

Winter Blossom

Treetops glisten with the sprinklings of fairy dust
As breath of winter falls upon the frosted fields
Flowing rivers becalmed as winter overpowers them
Crystal covered gardens flower with blossom white.

A silken carpet underfoot, undisturbed a winter blanket
Melting to the touch create an atmosphere of calm
Muffled sounds of winter creep slowly through the air
Welcome greeting cards in every field and garden

How such gently falling flowers
So delicate, pristine and pure
Can with such calm, persuasive, strength
Force a halt on all that moves around

Carpet lying there becomes a barrier to climb
Carefully crafted layers unite with strength imbued
Momentary joy at the wisp of wonderment
Turns in time to thoughts of menace and foreboding

Grinding to a halt the machinations of humanity
With such ease they slide and drift and hold
Blocking arteries with ease it leaves us stranded
Breeds inane bewilderment at the chaos that ensues

How these gently falling blossoms
Pure and frosted pallor to the eye
Can halt the wheels of industry
With such a gentle touch

© F Martin