Friday, 2 November 2012

Chocolate Cuckoo

She rings around the world incessantly
Like the cuckoo that she is, stealing their time
Sitting in the corner giggling outrageously
Smooth chocolate covered sauciness sublime
Famous fountains dance not far from her abode
Banking millions pass her by in gushing streams
Across the valley and along the metal road
But still she laughs and giggles wildly to extremes
She drinks a little, but really not so much
From half pint glasses filled to the brim with ease
Holds it with a firm yet gentle feathered touch
Not half pint, three point two ounces if you please
And if she calls upon you on some quiet night
Much laughter and good times you’ll not believe
She’ll stun you with a mind incisive, clear and bright
Gloriously giggling, stunning chocolate cuckoo that is Eve

© Fergus Martin