Friday, 3 May 2013


The journey to the centre of my soul
Begins in the deep, calm,
Pools of your eyes.
I fall into those eyes
And am captivated
by the world
I discover there.

And now I will
Forever hold your heart
Firmly in the palm of my hand
And I will always
Cherish the memories,
Of life in your promised land
And I will always
live the dreams
Of the wonders that we planned.

Looking at the world from within
The heart of another
Enlightens my every moment.
Those moments that are shared
In a symbiotic smile
With warmth and understanding.

And now and forever
I will hold your hand with mine
And let them merge as one
And forever
I will let your heart beat
In time with the beat of my own
Now and always
Will we be joined in contemplation
Of never being alone.

© Fergus Martin
May 2013