Friday, 17 May 2013

She Whispers

She whispered to me once again,
and I thought of all the storms she caused.
I remembered the mayhem she created,
when she drifted down her path of chaos.

Her gentle strokes at first so calming,
she whipped up frenzy when she spoke.
When she goes silent hearts fall broken,
knowing that the coming storm will break

She brushes gently through my hair,
rushes headlong in her demonic quest.
Her chilling rage will erupt in vengeance,
destroying those who heed not her calls.

And as she came around again,
my heart fell shattered to the floor.
As in her shadow lives are ruined,
hopes are crashed upon her breath

The raging torrent she produces,
when she breezes through my life.
Fills me full of dread and wonder,
at the charm and might of Mother Earth.

© Fergus Martin