Saturday, 25 May 2013

Living With The Silence Of The Past

Your past betrays a future you desperately crave
Silence in the present leads to a shallow grave
In the silence of the world that you've betrayed
The memories you can't share are now enslaved

You dream the fantasy of everlasting glory
Success that's built upon dark and hidden stories
In the silence of your words the past is hidden
The song that brings relief remains unwritten

You walk a road that's littered with untruths
Smothering the story of misbegotten youth
In the silence of the woods you ploughed your path
Covering the tracks that will reveal your past

Stare into the mirror staring back into your soul
Reflections of reality that spins without control
In the silence of your image unspoken hell revealed
Kaleidoscope of mirrors keeps the truth concealed 

Hidden sanctuaries of secrets never to be told
Forgotten deeds and escapades cravenly controlled
In the silence of the shadows your veil remains secure
Perfection of your life hiding all that was impure

You sleep through the haze of a thousand dreams
Drift through the maze of the flowing streams
In the silence of your mind the voices scream
And live inside the nightmare of your dreams

© Fergus Martin

May 2013