Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Fond Farewell

They gathered in their homes expectantly,
minds awash with the landscapes he created.
Staring at the vistas he had painted,
as they drifted through the windows of their lives.
Marvelled at the depths he tugged from deep within,
reminding them of moments they had experienced,
preying on their fears and teasing out their tears,
of distant memories and fortunes they shared alone.
Together they had nurtured and empowered him,
trusting that his words would give them peace,
and now they sat as one, but still apart,
once more waiting on his words with trepidation.

Entering their worlds, they fell silent,
tantalised by thoughts of words of wisdom.
What feelings would erupt from deep within?
What memories would be awakened by his words?
What hidden truth would he light upon this evening?
Where would he take us now on this journey?
What scene would be created by his mind?
And so they gathered here again, but still apart,
every second waiting, building for the moment.

And when he spoke in gentle tones, they craned to hear,
his words sprung from the page with raw emotion,
this time not theirs, his pain was plain to all.
His time was over, his time ruthlessly expired,
soul ripped apart and bleeding on the floor,
an empty shell was all that remained.
One last song he sings, one more window opened,
his portrait now complete for all to see.
And with the word "Farewell", he was gone.

© Fergus Martin

Sep 2013