Saturday, 14 September 2013

Better Together

We formed a bond time could not break
We drove a path no others could make
We shared a dream that was equal to none
A whispering voice and our joy could be gone
Journeys we travelled were roads full of hope
Memories forged now a pale anecdote
Time spent in building a future secure
A whispering voice now makes you unsure
The world we created full of pleasure and gain
Spinning around becomes one full of pain
being as one we can triumph and rise
But the whispering voice seeks our demise
The strength that we had, whatever the weather
Proved beyond doubt we are better together
Our past glories united become a powerful force
But the whispering voice is breaking down doors
The whispering voice of craven deception
Whose only device is to play on perception
Your views he will skew with deceitful delight
And break the great bond that we once did unite
As I drop to my knees and speak to your heart
I know that you care, would not rip us apart
I know that you see that whatever the weather
When we stand as one, we are Better Together!

© Fergus