Sunday, 4 August 2013

Life's Repository

Spreading out in its hues and colours,
the sparkling land lays bare it's soul.
All its beauty revealed before you,
as you wonder how you lost control.
Golden crops burst forth with life,
bounded by neat hedges of green.
Valley floor sustaining the hungry,
as you wonder how life became so mean.
Little copses dotted here and there,
budding havens of unbridled life.
Towering trees reach for the heavens,
and the answers you seek never arrive.
Meandering rivers plough their furrows,
through the fields they sparkle and shine.
Leaping salmon rise to the surface,
your questions remain and build over time.
Bubbling streams bounce in the shallows,
rocky bed throws up horses of white.
Tiny creatures that know no worries,
as you wonder why you can't see the light.
The countryside sits so joyously fruitful,
as you listen in silence as the wilderness sings.
Their songs full of hope wonder and freedom,
all the answers you seek are contained within.

© Fergus Martin

Aug 2013