Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Just A Thought

In the silence of the morning
A thousand dreams pass you by
Vanish with the rising sun
Gone, you know not why
In the sunlight of the afternoon
A thousand hopes fade to dust
Drifting on the gentle breeze
Gone, forever crushed
In the glimmer of the evening
A thousand memories disappear
Life relived in precious moments
Gone, the past remains unclear
In the darkness of the night
A thousand nightmares ease the soul
Whispers scream their sweet sanctity
Gone, your life is whole

With every waking moment
Every nightmare is a dream
Every memory is a hope
That is not what it means
Every dream is a reality
Every hope is life’s desire
Every nightmare, brutal hunger
Fresh existence on the fire
Each and every thought
Every breath relieves the stresses
Provides meaning to existence
Life remains forever precious

© Fergus Martin