Monday, 18 March 2013

A New Hope

And so another day begins,
Clouds grumble angrily as they gather storms together
rising as they welcome in another day,
a day resembling all the others.
Staring at walls, empty, devoid of colour,
reflections of reality bounce and dance
in the dimly lit room, awaiting the light of day.
As you gaze dreamily, the flames of the fire
are tossed high into the soot covered chasm
of the chimney, where they fade and die
Watching as the world spirals in its endless rotation,
symptomatic of the spiralling decline of a society
intent on devouring itself from the inside out.
Early morning mists burn swiftly as the sun
rises from its slumber, forcing itself upon the
grey, dark morning. Intent on bringing light to the
darkness, incandescent rays scorch the storms
to submission, and slowly, the day dawns brighter.
Walking into the dawn of another day, small patches
Of blue push their way through the haze, threatening
To overwhelm the madness of the morning, providing,
a glimpse of hope,
a portent of resurrection,
the dawn of
just another day.

© Fergus Martin