Thursday, 16 October 2014

Of Blood and Sacrifice

Scarlet shines the crimson light,
Moving silent through the night,
Slips between twisted boughs,
Dreams vanish without shadows
Wolves chase the scarlet moon,
Await the feast they will consume
Howl in the dark remain unseen
Breathless whispers in a savage scene

Daggers float over sacred alters
Rivers flow with bloodied waters
Unploughed fields weep in silent prayer
Hungry pack seeks welcome fair
Pronouncements made and blades rise
Enraptured voices raise loud their cries
Carven crows now cow in reverence
Supplicants who seek deliverance

Silence broken by distant screams
Trickle of red on the surface gleams
Breaking through it drops beneath
Lost in pools of disbelief
Sacrificial lambs now slaughtered
Souls to ancient masters offered
Vows renewed and carnage craved
The end of days for now, delayed

© Fergus Martin

Oct 2014