Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I have been many places,
Seen many things
I have worn many faces,
Done many things

All are present in the palm of my hand
Lifeless image bereft of emotion
Soulless eyes stare from the screen
Ingrained is the image reflected
Hidden in the orbs of anonymity
Soul bleeding straight from the heart
Insignificance caught in a moment
Those eyes tell the tale of their past

Portrayed in the grey pallored skin
Is a being I don't recognise
Lines that are carved in reflection
Life driven by riddles and lies
As I stare at the detail before me
The truth swirls around on the screen
What I've become is not what I was
Where I have gone is not where I've been

The journey this sadness has travelled
Laid bare at the press of a button
Flash of the light and it's captured
Caught at this moment in time
Cold image that's now staring back
Sees through the eyes that gaze on
Veil of pretence has been shattered
And with the push of a finger, is gone.

© Fergus Martin

Sep 2014