Friday, 29 March 2013

Illusion’s End

Sideways, the clock spins
In spirals, the room turns
Melting, the floor moves
In chaos, the thoughts race
Madly, the heart beats

Black becomes white in this world of confusion
Up becomes down in this realm of illusion
Wrong becomes right in this sphere of delusion

Heart beating wildly in the bliss of the moment
Colours converge in a kaleidoscope of calm
Veins pump in anger as the mind slowly dissolves
Reality vegetates as the world spirals downward

Dust fuelled existence
Escaping the tedium
Drift into the sanctuary
Of joyful delirium
Shadows merge in the darkness
Flowers turning to beasts
Dream filled perfection
Becomes a demon that feasts

Sentient being living life unfulfilled
Seeking refuge and calm in a world full of chaos
Desperation’s point sows it’s seeds of betrayal
Exposing the frailty of a mind lost and confused
Colours collide, become a veil sheathed in black
Curtains are drawn one last time on this act

Death by misadventure
This adventure

© Fergus Martin