Monday, 4 February 2013

Going North

The end of the journey
So far from the beginning
Black glistens white
As stars dissolve before our eyes
Blankets on the surface
Smother black within their folds
Ahead the journey stretches
As stardust fills the skies

Great iron beasts of labour
Plough a furrowed path
In singular dimensions
On pristine fields of white
Gently clutching at the tail
Resolutely moving forward
Each waypoint on the journey
Worthy of the fight

Slowly climbing
Over glistening mountains of ice
Summits frozen in the wilderness
Standing proud still
Plunging through valleys
Laced in the pristine frost of winter
As moonbeams dazzle in the night
Frozen in the bitter chill

Winds cry and howl
Warnings flash and flicker
The way ahead becomes clear
As lights flare and dim
Slowly drifting onward
Gears shift to no avail
Till finally the spark is gone
Long wait ahead looks grim

Howls and yelps abound
Canine companions disquiet
Cramped cage surrounds them
Till eventually released
Sweet calm restored we wait
Sub-zero in the wild
As stars brighten up the sky
Winter night unsheathed

Great iron beast of rescue
White knight rides on high
Cold winters night forgotten
As the journey onward flows
Warming now with sparking coals
A family united
Journeys end now welcomed
Through ice and wind and snow

© Fergus Martin